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Aren't you just the most cute little thing, roll up a new lvl 50 sometime and put them in recruit gear and see how much fun it is. Or to put it in simple terms when the game is dying due to loss of customers how much fun are you going to have on your geared toon? We need to encourage people to play, or it goes away and we all lose because it will be start over time in another game. That is why I offered ideas of how to seperate the folks out due to gear in an earlier post, and by the way little guy, we all start out in Recruit gear so dont act so superior just because you and I did the grind on our other toons. I want new players to play and the grind now is worse than it was at the start or even a few months back due to the premades and issues with stun lock still not being fixed.

The larger the population, the more we can push for better and additional content from Bioware and EA.
Dude my sniper literally just hit 50 yesterday, and I've been doing a bit of pvp and I'm doing just fine. I always get like 5 medals at least, and almost always get 8+ unless it's a super blow out in huttball.