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Generally as a tank you are watching the boss's castbar like a hawk, this is usually because as a tank you are the one who is relied upon mostly to interrupt (don't ask me why, I love it when dps do it too, but it is generally considered "the tank's job", which I find incredibly annoying), and also because you need to know when to fire your defensive CDs if a big hit is coming. This is usually how you know about when certain attacks are coming, others you just have to get a sense for when it happens, which is usually through repeated wipes x3. Spit I believe has a castbar though I don't recall right off since I haven't done enough of TFB to know for sure.

Certain bosses also do have audio/visual cues for when certain things are about to happen, like Firebrand and Stormcaller have that announcement that comes when fight conditions are about to change. Or Kephess in TFB has the "focused laser beam on blabla" message that pops up.
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