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Tanks don't HAVE to be the leaders, but its usually assumed that the tank knows the fight mechanics. Combined with the tank being the first one into combat (ideally) and having to control the flow of the fight, you usually end up directing (or leading) the rest of the group, especially in PUGs.

In terms of calling stuff out in TS: it depends on the group. I'm the MT for my group and I usually call out stuff because it makes my life easier if we're ready. I also pay a lot of attention to the boss animations and cast bars so I tend to notice these things before our raid leader. That isn't to say that I should, just that I do. Similarly, if our healers notice someone standing in an AoE they call it out. We run with a "if your the first one to see it, call it" mentality, some groups run with a "the raid leader and MT are the only ones that should be talking during a fight" mentality. Just roll with whatever the group does.
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