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Clearly, gear is op, and it's you who has missed the point. I mean, every on e in this game is stunned 4 liek half the game and every body is losing games because of it! Like, wth BW!
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No, I did not miss the point. you didn't read what I said either.
I never had these problems, with ANY gear. Read better.
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Then I applaud you but it has changed and I stand by my statement. When toons start up in Recruit gear now they are shunned by the players who are geared. I cannot count the number of times when on my Sith Healer I have been in a WZ waiting for it to pop and geared toons see three or four ungeared toons and leave fast before it starts it isnt worth their time. Especially since the number of premades have gone out the roof in the WZ, so do I blame the other players no, I am saying that Bioware is sowing the seeds of the destruction of PvP in this game by not looking at this.

There are several ways to address, the best would be to have various levels of WZ, which I wish they would do for under 50 based on level since a new level 10 is owned by anyone who is lvl 30 or above since they have the abilities which the lvl 10 hasnt unlocked yet. Again make it three tiered, first tier is mostly Recruit gear, second tier is mostly Battlemaster gear, third tier are the folks like me on my sage where I am rolling War Hero with the augment slots filled. Then you get competitive games and that is what I enjoy instead of steamrolling or being steamrolled.

The other issue is make the arenas for the pre-mades and make them worth it to them. I am hoping that it is a result of the Arena system being broken that is pushing the premades over to the pug WZ not just a wanting to face roll through. I know I could be wrong but if it is the latter then the game has already failed and we are all in trouble when it is only geared groups going at it in the WZs since they are going to cry a river when they cant faceroll.

I did read your post, I simply think if you havent run a Recruit geared new toon through lately, you probably are a little out of touch of how bad it is for new lvl 50s even for those of us with geared alts.
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critical point I missed. My bad!