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So in the older days of mmos Most tanks were leaders, they were GMs for the most part, they were helping and guiding everyone in raids, im curious i have a tank, hes reasonably geared, ready to do EC HM/ TFB SM

my question is does a tank HAVE to be in a leadership position? For instance, we do TFB, i know that in phase 2 of last boss, the melee dps and tanks are required to move out of spit/slam(i think) im not sure why, i just know they have to or they take a massive amount of dmg if they dont, also the guys in TS call it out when its happening....

does a tank HAVE to do that? (or is that a raid leaders job?)

I play a healer as my main, and iv done every fight in game, and know them all, but i know only as much as i have to know about the fights so that i, or anyone else doesnt die, and i know the fights only from the prespective of a healer or a ranged dps...

my question is should i be worried if im gonna start tanking on my vanguard about these things? Explaining all the details of the fights, or explaining the fights (Ok guys,you move there, you move to that platform etc etc)
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