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I kind of think that's the point some people are trying to make, this isn't 'good' pvp. Sure it's balanced but the players are terrible. So for the average bear, the average wz, it is good, for ranked it's a bad thing.

yeah that might be true but im pvping every 1-2mins all day every day how longs the wait on master D again? dont get me wrong there are times we lose as a 4man because the reps have a premade of full 20k+ hp people and stuff but there are also bads aswell and many decent players just like ANY server in this game ive recently come back and did a few wzs on master D and i saw some geared bad players you guys are talking like this server everyone is a top tier pvper lol...its also hard to gear a fresh toon or old ones that are still in champion/BM gear etc on Master D due to everyone queing mostly are fully geared and just want to smash people cause they hardly get the chance..on bastion its alot easier to have fun while pvping aswell as being competitive

PvPers if you want constant games any time of the day/night you know where to look

edit: ahh i see your point you're trying to make about Normal WZs are good but the ranked WZs would be bad? the only time ranked happens on master D is if people form one up from fleet/guild with 16 people most of the time its in house with a couple pugs i have lost 11 games while the groups are "trying to get a balance going" nothing will ever be balanced unless people on master D that want to do ranked run groups in full recruit against full recruit geared others and even then it will come down to player skill and its really hard to balance that

anyway its 6am and i dont really know what im rambling on about rofl but yeah come level on The Bastion im always online some others aswell and running premade <49 pvp most of the time until others logg on their 50s its all chill :P
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