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Quote: Originally Posted by Rydlin View Post
... Please keep your comments and questions coming and I will try to answer the biggest, unresolved questions in these “State-of-the-Game” posts ...

Biggest. Unresolved. By post count since before game launch and with the same questions since then to now still being unanswered, this question seems to fit both criteria: What changes to the current use of spaceships/space flight are coming, and when?

Thanks for the feedback and the chance to reply to it.
are you kidding me, have you read our posts? The biggest issue has bean PVP. The most ignored issue in the game and posts. Its bean almost a week and no word from the Devs. Not evan to aknowledge what we are saying with some excuse about getting back to us.
Read every one. Almost a week? Yep, that's bad, but not as bad as better space flight's months/years.

No need to jostle for position between PvP and Space though. He did say "biggest unresolved questions" with a "s" on the end. There's room and demand for both to be answered.
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