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I think its no question on playing a tank well, if you see the high dmg the dps classes run you have a hard time with every tank. Assassin seem to be faster at building aggro.

I just can talk for myself but i think after times changed you have a hard time as a tank. At the old days you usualy were able to get the aggro, as a tank you usualy watch for the main boss. If you have a second tank, he watches for the mobs and has his eyes on the group window like a healer always does. Bad thing at the "new age" is that dps seem to be lazy, they never noticed how tanks and healer ran their part. Dps usualy cant take the dmg from a boss or his you have it the other way, if you take a sniper/gunslinger, they seem to be able to tank better then a real tank.

think it was a kids decition to go for dealing dmg on the main boss not keeping an eye on the group or holding his dmg low till the tank could grab the aggro, they always started screaming and called you a looser, not noticing how hard it was to watch a whole group when you had to keep working on 4 mobs or more.

Beeing a tank is not that nice in this game. It can be rater frustrating seeing they seem to be better at it then you. To grab aggro you need aggro building specials but if they are on cd you lack imense dmg to grab the aggro from a dps....and if you know our kids, they cant keep still they hit and then scream, they wont help you on that part by holding their dps low when they get attacked.

So whatever tank you going to run its a fulltime job, or doing nothing because they got the skill to get a boss down without you (youre a waste of dps). Wonder why there are so many classes out here when you just need one or two.

Dont ask me about healing, its way more terrible then it is at a bad game. They just working for some not thinking kids and destroy all a class stays for....only good thing , everyone can finish a heroic solo, some because they get a bit dmg reduct, some because they run imense dmg, and some because they have both.

I run platin bosses at heroics on all classes (SOLO), its not that hard if your got the right comp with you.

Most classes are a waste of time, they get destroyed when they keep listen to kids.