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For me whats baffling is that the issue with lost GCD's is still in the game. That and the fact they are releasing F2P without releasing Makeb. That would bring players back. I aslo dont like that they are selling pieces of the game in the cartel shop, like Section-X. I am afraid that that will kill the game. Its not free if you have to pay for every content patch. So either make people pay for content patches and remove restrictions or keep restrictions and dont make people pay for patches. This greed will no doubt make F2P fail. ITs way too visible that EA is taking over, and that is a very bad thing. EA is trying to kill the game.
EA should sell SWTOR. BioWare would do much better if wrking with a company that wasn't so concerned with getting there money fast. As long as EA has rights to the game, the game wont bring in any money, so from a profit aspect EA would be better off selling SWTOR. Just a thought.
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