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Chapter 6:
The New Girl

Jorgan welcomed Dorne to the crew with all the congratulation she deserved. He was glad to have someone else in the crew, especially someone of her skills.

Though Needles was dead, Havoc Squad was not yet ready to leave Taris. Captain Childress of Taris’ regiment had requested Havoc’s help in finding an old Republic mystery: the Endar Spire. In addition, an emergency had been posted on the HoloNet, stating that Mandalorians had stolen several Republic warheads.

That must’ve struck a chord with Prudii like it did with Jorgan, with the memory of the ZR-57 and Ord Mantell still fresh. Prudii had agreed to fight through the Mandalorians.

“I know a little about the Mandalorians,” said Jorgan as the three members of Havoc Squad watched the camp below. “They did attack my homeworld three hundred years ago, after all. But I’ve always been curious. Prudii is a Mandalorian name, right?”

Prudii nodded hesitantly. “It’s a story for another time, though. For now, we need to get those missiles back.”

“Strategy, lieutenant?” asked Dorne. But with her accent, it was ‘leftenant.’

“I’ll rush in head-on, while you and Jorgan sweep around from either angle. We take out the guards and recover the missiles, then leave before the Mandalorians call reinforcements.”

Jorgan nodded. “I’ll go left, unless you have an argument, Dorne?”

Even though she was wearing a helmet, he could see she did not understand his small joke.

“Why would direction be a preference?” she asked.

Prudii barked out a laugh. “It’ll be good to have you around, Dorne.”

Then he charged. Jorgan leapt to his feet and rushed left, firing on the Mandalorian guards on that flank. His rifle caught one in the chest, but his armor deflected it. Jorgan fired again, hitting his throat. That pierced it.

Dorne was shooting on the right side, her pistol piercing the men with lethal precision between slits in the armor. Prudii bashed the foremost Mando in the head, knocking him out. Jorgan blasted another in the chin.

“Good job,” Prudii said. “Missiles, now.”

The three members of Havoc Squad approached the warheads beside a Mandalorian dropship. As Prudii accessed the missiles, Jorgan thought he heard a faint whine. He whirled in time to see a Mandalorian landing. This one was blocky, and he looked like the clan’s warlord.

Jorgan shouted a warning, and Prudii and Elara whirled. The three of them opened fire on the warlord as one. The Mando pulled a vibrosword and charged at Prudii. Jorgan raised his rifle to his eye and blasted the Mandalorian, but the armor was better made than his troops’.

Prudii got in closer and slammed his rifle into the warlord’s head, while Dorne sprayed him with a carbonite stream. The warlord fell, and Prudii finished him off with a shot to the head.

“Good work, Sergeant,” Jorgan said.

“Thank you, Sergeant,” replied Dorne.

* * *

Jorgan charged into the Endar Spire, blasting pirates and guarding the slicers as they hacked the computer. More pirates rappelled from the ducts of the ships, and Prudii caught one before he left his cord.

Jorgan watched as Dorne shot one pirate in an artery. The pirate fell and began to bleed out. Jorgan finished him with a clean shot.

“We got it,” the slicer said. “We can return to Captain Childress.”