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11.11.2012 , 12:16 PM | #81
You must have been very unlucky with your pvp groupings on the harbinger. When i pvp i pvp to win, and generally you only need one person on the team with this attitue, coordinating....

Granted ive been stuck in games where theres only been 2 caps and they were both me, or there are people who dont understand what they are doing bringing the others down, but this is to be expected in an MMO.

Harbinger does have a very good PVE base though, pug EC HMs for me have gone well, contrary to other servers... The latency is no big deal for me, the GTN is constantly packed and you can almost always find at least one of each item constantly on there. General chat can be trolled on occasion but its worse on republic than empire.

Theres just my two cents on the harbinger, to anyone thinking of joining.
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