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I don't think they should bother with SGR anymore. I pushed for it early on, but things have changed. I'm sure if the game had been a huge hit, they would have already announced an upcoming update to romance options that would have expanded on the existing ones and added whole new same gender options. Alas, the game has not been that huge success. Their budget is so limited now that I don't even think we're going to getting ANY class story content in the foreseeable future, let alone something as specialized as SGR. Maybe if F2P is a big hit and they make a lot of money off the Cartel Market things will be different, but as it sits right now I don't think there's money in the budget for it.

I'm close to completing 3 characters to level 50. I did a romance on my first one and was so underwhelmed by it that I didn't even bother with the other two. "Romances" in SWTOR aren't like in other Bioware games. They're nowhere near as in-depth or dramatic. It's a few flirts and a couple of "fade-to-black" moments. It's silly, really. You're not missing anything.
Well, last word that it was being worked on and coming out this year, and I am going to continue with the assumption that that is still true until it's been contradicted.

It's not a if at all, it's a when.