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I'm curious which server this was happening on.

if it was on pot5 (which I doubt), open /who and check for members of 'pax republica' and just ask them if they might help - or at least give a shout-out on the fleet (or message people on the fleet directly) - obviously there are a lot more guilds out there who are always up for 'avanging' our lowbies or starting some trouble with the imps, but I don't want to name any just in case they wouldn't appreciate it :P

if you are .not. on pot5, reroll
It was on PoT5 if I know what fight this thread is about. I was there for the majority of the fighting split between my healer and a dps. Republic turnout was pretty bad. Had some reps ask our group to leave so the imps would get bored. What's the point of rolling on a PvP server then?

Republic had from 6-8 players(some fresh 50s) at a time vs the imps 12 who had majority of WH gear.
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