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However there are people like me who aren't uber pissed off about started 30 minutes later than expected, and don't have a fit because they missed one evening of ops. Some of us like to just get together as friends and play the game. I play games with my friends and if one of us all of a sudden has to leave I don't discuss with my other friends about whether or not he should be banished from our friendship group! If you're into hardcore MMO stuff then thats fine, but for those of us just want to play the game it would be nice to just get together and play and not worry about progression and crap.
Roll an imp, and send me a msg on saciela, You just described my attitude to the game
We do raid/try to set times, but if rl gets in the way and someone cant get there then I shall call them names, and thats the end of it.

Im from SWG, So a guild was nothing other than a bunch of people who get along and have a name under their chars name. Leads to a more social atmosphere, and I prefer that a lot to all the formal/strictly organised ******** that some guilds have
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