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11.11.2012 , 11:05 AM | #3
Normal warzones are quite ok. Waiting up to few minutes in prime time. Weekends morning worst ofc, but still possible to play. Speaking about both under and lvl50 brackets.
Ranked warzones is a bit different story. Only few guilds playing. Pugers stop to play them long time ago, as they were insta dead.

Server populations im basically not checking so oftern, but after merge we were on three full instances on the fleet. In each around 230 ppl i guess. Now depends, were still ususally at two, two and half instances during prime time.

Even i know you were not asking about pve much, after releasing of terror from beyond i saw my friends in instance 46 of this ops. So i would say our server is pretty much ok from population point of view.