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11.11.2012 , 09:44 AM | #1
Our guild <VF> has moved on to other games and the three of us left Sage Healer, Shadow Tank and Vanguard DPS looking for guild that has room for us in rated warzones. All 3 are full WH 80+ valor. We do PVE on the side and have all completed EC HM and are Campaign Geared for the most part. We have a couple other players that are more into PVE or more casual gamers (at least on this game) that may or may not want to make the move with us.

If any other guilds that are kind of in the same situation as us we would also consider a merge of guilds or whatever. We have a Website with raid calendar and 50 slot vent server available for use if needed. If any of you have ran into us in a pug I'm sure you know we are pretty good. We're usually on the top of the leader boards in the pugs we've been playing

Tosiac- VG DPS
Kaemi- Sage Healer
R'yn- Shadow Tank/DPS