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The problem is the system to grind for gear, not group finder in itself. But this cannot be changed anymore. Its the way the whole game has been designed.
Not really, gearing system and endgame comms from group finder are here to increase pool of players willing to use it. Without rewards, majority of players wouldn't waste their time with random pugs. Before group finder people were propeled by daily/weekly quests, after by GF rewards.
Group finder is main cause for apathetic players that only want to finish FP. Before, they had to make some effort, talk to people, and actually be friendly so other people want to group with them again. Now, all people have to do is press 2 buttons, and not be an *** to avoid getting on ignore lists.

But then, group finder did improve playing eperience(we could argue if it couldn't be done other way, like global LFG channel, but it's pointless), so it's not like it was bad move. Separate queue for 'normal' runs proposition is given quite often, and always countered by fact that waiting times would make all people forced to use only one of them anyway. Personally, I think option to joing both or only one of queues couldn't hurt. If 'normal'(slow) queue wouldn't be getting many pops, it would be because of people, and there is almost nothing BW can do about it, but at least there would be an option.