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Ah. Point taken.

So would I be right to say that the Sith are losing MOSTLY because of internal chaos?
I don't think so. In addition to some pretty important victories of the Jedi and Republic Special Forces, the Empire gravely underestimated how willing the citizens of Corellia (and also Balmorra) are to fight for their freedom. On both sides you notice how much trouble resistance groups are giving the Empire.

Only the imperial raid on Ilum was ruined by imperial infighting, but the Ilum raid itself started because the Empire was loosing the war. (The idea was to create a stealth fleet for hit-and-run attacks, because conquest didn't work.)

Even though it wasn't at the end of the game, I loved how...

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It is most certainly time for an Imperial come back - For the Empire!
Actually, I think it's time for the Republic to invade an Imperial world. We had the "Empire conquers a Republic planet, Republic conquers it back" already. Two (or even three) times. I would like to see the Republic almost conquer Ziost, but then the Empire strikes back.

Back to Mandalorians:

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No they aren't. So they Mandalorians would just bombard the world into submission. And this scenario is if the Jedi had completely abstained from the war.

I don't think the Mandalorians would turn on each other. Mandalore the Ultimate was one of the greatest Mandalorian leaders. He united the clans for a single purpose. They were united in the fact that they wanted a glorious victory. They wouldn't jeapordize that.

We also have to remember that Republic morale, numbers and supplies have run low. By the time the Mandalorians hit the Core Worlds, they have taken control of vital trade routes, gained multiple victories against Republic forces, and just the fact that they were in the Core would give a sense of hopelessness to the people.
Well, at one point the conscripted soldiers and slaves would have outnumbered the true Mandalorians... which wouldn't turn out well for them.

But if they did manage to completely destroy one of the important Republic worlds (which I doubt, the didn't destroy Taris either and occupied it instead), Republic citizens would have joined the military en masse. If you fight for your home it is different than fighting for some Midrim colonies. (Especially in this case, because the people would be right to fear the Mandalorians.)

Of course this is a what-if scenario and we won't know for sure.

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That's actually a good point. I'm sure the Emperor was keeping tabs on the Mandalorians and would started to move in if his minions were doing well. Then we would see the Jedi go to war. This is what they were waiting for, but I don't think the Jedi would have much of a chance once the Sith Empire steps in.
I actually think they would have had. After all, Republic and Jedi managed to hold their own against Empire+Mandalorians in the Great Galactic War... again because civilians were willing to fight for the Republic, this times the Smugglers. And if the Empire managed to conquer the Galaxy, we would simply have the Rebel Alliance some thousand years earlier.
(If the Emperor doesn't manage to eat the Galaxy somewhere along the way.)
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