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11.11.2012 , 08:07 AM | #4
i see your point op and agree that such runs are not always enjoyable ( well at least for me they are not) there are some solutions that can be put into future hm and normal fp mechanics to eliminate or deter skipping. as far as racing through the fp i am not sure what can be done.

it is difficult to type and run to keep up at the same time so it is only natural not to say too much while doing so. perhaps a in game voice chat would help if done properly and with all of the ops in group finder i think it would be a good idea anyways. an other mmo i played had one put in years ago and it works very well. actually it had fewer problems than a few peoples ts and vents that i have been on. an other option would be to make them shorter with less content so it can be completed in a hour when the group is of proper level and appropriate gear for them.

skipping can be done by having each boss be a "bonus type" part of the quest where each boss has one or two coms and at the end when the group either disbands or quits you can turn it in and get the rewarded coms for what you have done up to. much like how some of the bonus quests are done now. you can give addition one or two for actual completion of the zone. perhaps having trash actually having good drops also might help.

the fp hms now and for some time have been nothing more than a race for the bh coms. it is more of a ends than a means. also the way some players skip content some are just plain races of stupidity. however f2p people will have to buy passes to do these. just think how many will be pissed having to race through one and not enjoy their paid experience. they wont buy many more nor want to sub. i haven't done a non guild lower level fp after group finder came out so i cant comment on those.

yes op i can see your point.