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Here is the Duelling Tournament event we started organizing after the last Tournament.

The competition is that you first have 8 competitions, 1 between each advanced class, with the top two of each AC going into the grand tournament at the end. The grand tournament at the end would then feature 16 of the best pvpers on the server with all classes represented.

There are a number of reason I like this format which are:
- It allows each AC to fight in their own competition and have bragging rights to being the best assassin/shadow or sniper/gunslinger.
- It allows each AC to have a competition of people with similar abilities without being smashed by other classes which they are not suited to fighting against.
- It is hoped that this will encourage people of all ACs to compete and not just those dominant at duelling (Marauders, Ops etc.).
- The Grand Tournament will only feature the best of each AC and should be a spectacle to watch.

So onto the details.

Advanced class rounds:
An entrance fee of 20k.
Prizes 1st gets 35% of that total entry money for the AC, 200k from SnX and a spot in the grand tournament.
2nd gets 15% of the total entry money for the AC, 150k from SnX and a spot in the grand tournament.
The remaining 50% of the entry fees goes towards the prize pool for the grand tournament.

Competitors can only enter if they intend to also compete in the grand tournament should they make it.

As many competitors that wish to compete are welcome but only the top two go through to the grand tournament. Registrations and entrance fees need to be made and paid at least 30 minutes prior to the event starting.

The format will be double elimination following a sheet from and each competitor must do a /roll to determine where they start on the table. If two rolls are equal those two players roll again to determine who rolled higher.

The standard rules that I will mention later will apply.

Grand Tournament details:
Once the competitions for each AC are completed we can move onto the grand tournament.

No entrance fee.
Prizes 1st gets 70% of that total entry money left (50% from each AC comp) and 1mil from SnX.
2nd gets 30% of that total entry money left (50% from each AC comp) and 500k from SnX.

This will follow the format of 16 people double elimination using a sheet from the website mentioned above. Competitors will do a roll as done in the previous round to see where they start. If a winner from an AC competition is unable to make the final it is up to SnXs discretion as to who to put in the tournament in their place but it must be someone of the same AC.

Total cost for SnX = 4.3mil (350k x 8 for the AC competitions and 1.5mil for the grand tournament).

Timing would be over a number of weeks, perhaps 2-4 ACs per week and then the final competition in the week after. I also think that the last competition suffered from a lack of people knowing about it. Therefore I recommend an extensive 2 week advertising campaign before the contest starts.

Perhaps a way to do the timing may be as follows:
Week 1&2 Significant advertising
Week 3 Monday AC1 & AC2, Thursday AC3 & AC4
Week 4 Monday AC5 & AC6, Thursday AC7 & AC8
Week 5 Thursday or Sunday Grand Tournament

Advertising could consist of:
- Letting the main guild leaders know about the tournament.
- A forum post which also lists those who are registered, a full timetable of events and results of competitions included the draw followed for transparency.
- A post on reddit linking it to the main forum post.
- Guildies letting other pvpers know about the competition in warzones that they are in.

Referees - There will be 2 referee's present at the Duelling Tournament one representing each faction. They will monitor the Duel for any breach of the rules and administer any penalties. They will also help to inform all present at the Tournament what is going on, who is requested to begin there Duel and release ruling's on breaches of the rules and losses of Duel's.

The Duelling Tournament will not be held in either Outlaw's Den or Illum we are currently reviewing areas suitable for the Tournament and have a few excellent locations but will continue scouting out the best possible form of an arena. What we are looking for is an area that allows spectators, has pillars and a Line of Sight option as well as a relatively wide open space. (WoW arena style options)

Also note to help the referee's members of SnX will help with announcements and the running of the event.

- Specs can be changed at free will.
- No Medpacks (results in loss of current duel).
- No Adrenals (results in loss of current duel).
- No Companions (results in loss of current duel).
- No Grenades (results in loss of current duel).
- In the case of any Duel the bout can go no longer than 5 minutes at the end of the time limit the winner will be decided by a /roll.
- A competitor must be ready to start their duel within three minutes of being called to the arena. (Not abiding by this will result in the loss of the current duel. After which the referee's will announce that you lost the fight and may call your second/third bout which would have its own three minute timer).
- No help from outside players at all.
- You can only enter the Tournament on 1 class, choose wisely.
- There will be no restrictions on Gear.
Timing will be over a number of weeks, perhaps 2-4 ACs per week and then the final competition in the week after.

The days we are looking at running these AC Tournaments and then eventually the Grand Tournament would be a Sunday which seems best suited to meet those from foreign countries and Australian time zones.

Give us your input.
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