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we need even LESS of these damn heals.

Premade teams with helaers are just impossible to deal with as random team. Way to unbalanced and its the damn heals that ruins the gameplay. You can spam attacks all day, but they always outheal you.

So retaarded system, make heals slower, smaller, or longer CD or even only once per combat, so we get same balance ingame.

Thanks but I die enough in WZ as it is...with less healing potential the kill rate would increase so would the amount of time spent returning from the spawn point = very boring PvP.

I have 4 lvl 50s (2 DPS, 1 tank and 1 healer) and PvP nearly all of my game time on these, and although I am far from an experte IMHO the healing potential is about right, yes tanks do get badges quite easily and DPS well they DPS......I'm afraid you are going to have to get used to those WZ that come round now and again where as a healer there is nothing you can do, either due to stupid team mates not using ther own survival techniques or because the enemy just are better players or better geared. Quite often though you will be on the winning team owning an opponent.
The main issue for me is organised premades playing against Pugs, but that is only down to players grouping up and there isn't much the system can do to stop that unless you start queueing them seperately which wrecks the queue times.