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11.11.2012 , 04:58 AM | #1
and replaces the video feed with some footage of his own.

Pangikdin <NAKED> is the person who stuns Blizz on Ilum, and Darhke <Assension> is the one who joins in the dancing on Belsavis. Both made me laugh while gathering footage for this, and that was the point of doing the video in the first place.

I tried to get some footage in Republic territory on Corellia as well, but I was not able to get down to the lower tram line w/o dieing. I know I can get in the spaceport I just need to get down on that lower tram line. Anyways I tried but eventually gave up...another time perhaps. I am sure I missed some Republic bases, but I got enough to make the video so it all good.