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I think I suffer from doing SI as my first story, and not yet knowing all the in's and outs. I also didnt realize at the time I can cancel the convo and restart it if I didnt like the dialog.

However, Andronikos and Talos all seem to be just along for the ride, I feel no particular attachment to them. Im more attached to Khem due to his history, and him being there from the very beginning, although I use Xalek as my tank. The bugs post-launch made it super-annoying to use tank companions back then, so I didnt develop particular attachment to the tank companions. Xalek on the other hand is completely and utterly BLAND. The only interesting part about him is his random line "One day, the servant will be the master."

Ashara should have the most depth about them, and I kinda like her the most, despite her companion story being a complete trainwreck. Thats because its been a long time since I did her companion story and I have kind of invented our relationship completely, and forgotten what it was supposed to be about. Her normal generic behaviour is good, her companion story convos were not. btw, with "our relationship" mean that I have been subtly turning her thoughts toward a well-intentioned extremist.

I hated the complete lack of nuance into further tricking and corrupting Ashara after she got onto the ship. The Taris storyline where the inq corrupted herwas one of the best parts of inq story. Too bad the storywriter completely torpedoed it the second Ashara got onto the inqs ship. Inq either goes along with whatever she has to say, or just bluntly turns her down. It makes no sense.

Overall, the inquisitor companions I have the least attachment to. But then again the inquisitor should be the most selfish of my character, and feel detached from his companions.

BH has some of the most varied companions. I kind of like them all. My BH and Mako is the only romance I like in SWTOR, her drifter background and child-like optimism and hope for the better tomorrow is just so adorable. Gault is the greatest con-man in the galaxy and had pretty much the best questline to acquire him (or second best, after darkside Jaesa). That history alone makes me like him really much. I remember wanting to strangle him with my bare hands, and then my jaw dropped couple feet when I found out I was going to have him in my crew. It was awesome. Reminds me of the advertisement for Harry Harrisons "stainless steel rat". "The best thief and conman in the galaxy, and when the police finally caught him, they had no choice but to make him a cop.."

Skadge is like a comic sidekick (rather large though) along with Blizz. Too bad they cant ever be in the same team at the same time. Torian is the most bland, but I guess a Mandalorian companion was obligatory. He could benefit from some comic incidents with the rest of the crew in future content. Seeing as he is the most "serious" of them (and the rest of the team is hilarious). Bounty hunter crew is the one I feel the most attachment to, as the BH story has also the most "us against the galaxy" feel to it. Kind of l ike I expected smuggler story to be, but BH delivers.

Sith warrior has imo the best storyline, as when I bought SWTOR I wanted first and foremost to play a movie villain, and SW has that in SPADES. Darkside Jaesa is nothing but awesome, the interplay between Quinn and Pierce is funny, Broonmark is your insane pet monster and then there is Vette. Vette is also awesome, and I suspect I might have romanced her if my SW was male.. Alas, it isn't. I feel dualistic attachment to Vette as I like her, but my SW has no logical reason to feel attachment to her that much..

I have also been playing smuggler and jedi knight, and I really like T3 and Kira. As smuggler I dont feel that much attachment to my companions yet though. Maybe Ive been playing too much swtor so that the stories start blending together a bit, but its not been as fun and exciting as some of the others.
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