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11.11.2012 , 04:06 AM | #13
Just out of curiosity, was it level 50 Imps running around a lower level planet killing Pub's, or was it Imps of area appropriate level?

If it's just a level 50 gank squad terrorizing Tatooine, why would anyone leveling up bother to even try?

If it's so bad, maybe some of the Imp's could roll some Pub alts?

If I have a limited amount of play time and am trying to accomplish some goals before work/bed/whatever, why would I want to drop everything just to engage in PvP that earns me nothing?

I'm sure we aren't getting the full story here but even on PvP servers PvE is the predominant play style since world PvP doesn't accomplish anything. If I got XP or something then maybe but otherwise I'll just keep on doing whatever it is I'm doing.

This isn't a contest of pride, it is a game that is played for enjoyment. If some tweens decide that it's fun for them to go gank a bunch of people that's fine but don't expect everyone to drop what they are doing to "counterattack".
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