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I think I've only done 1 SM OPS on the GF as I usually don't have the patience to wait for it to pop..

But for HM FP I use it quite a bit.. I started out trying to be patient and teach people the mechanics and a bit about their class etc.. But after SO many wipes, and people just being completely clueless no matter what you tell them, I simply got tired of it.
Someone can STILL say it's their first time in the HM, and they need to know the difference.. Fair enough.. But if people say they have never been there before and show up in levelling greens, I just say have fun and quit.. Especially if it's the tank (which it usually is)..

I think the worst is probably Lost Island HM.. Sometimes it's a gear issue, sometimes it's simply a player issue.. I've had rediculously overgeared people in there that had 0 idea what was going on around them.. For some reason the first miniboss in there weeds the weak people from the strong, so if we wipe on that even once, it's goodbye from me..
Yes he hits hard, but I have both a healer and a tank toon, so I know exactly what it takes to down him.. So I just know that if the tank dies here, we won't make it through without a serious repair bill..

The other day I had a fun one.. I was in my fresh healer that was mostly columi, some recruit and BM chest.. I had healed LI HM before, and I had healed my guild in EC and TFB as well, plus I have a full campaign geared healer of a different type as well, so I do know how to play.. The rest of the team were in mostly augmented BH gear.
We wiped time and time again, but crawled through the FP and ended up at the final boss.. The tank was adamant that he had done it all many times before, but still he insisted on taking all the charges from the "I have a trick" phases EVERY time even though I told him it was what was wiping us.. So I finally ended up just leaving.
The fun part though, was that all three other members through the whole FP were writing whispers to me about how bad the other ones were and how it was annoying they cost us wipes.. All 3! ..

TL, DR.. If people are clueless, they get no chance any longer from me.. I just leave without a word.. Easier for everyone..
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