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The question I have is how do they even make a new Star Wars movie? I mean the Jedi were basically extinct and no new people were being born with the midicloreans or however its spelt that give them powers so how can it be Star Wars with no Jedi? I mean episode 7 should come after 6 right?

I don't know much about the lore and story as I only watched the movies. I love watching sci-fi but hate reading it cause sci-fi books alot of the time are boring so never tried a star wars one. But what I do know from the movies is the Jedi were as I said dying out and no replacements.

I mean I guess nothing in Star Wars name makes it so that it can't be Star Wars without them but when you think of Star Wars isn't Jedi the first thing that comes to mind?
Ive only played a few games and seen the movies as well, but as I understand it, Luke did end up rebuilding the Jedi order. I guess all of a sudden people started popping up that were force sensitive.... or maybe palpatine was just killing them off, idk. All I know is that the Jedi order WAS rebuilt, and that it was more lax then the previous one. i.e. I believe the restriction on love and relationships was lifted, or at least partially lifted
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