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11.10.2012 , 10:16 PM | #1
Tonight I reached lvl 50 with my second character - a sith warrior. My first lvl 50 was a smuggler.
Once I finished the smuggler story line and saw the sequence with my character with all his companions, I felt I had no clue who most of them where, in fact I think I've barely ever interacted with most of them.

And now tonight I felt the exact same way when I finished the warrior story line.

Due to prefered gameplay and spec, one often ends up prefering to play with one or two of the crew. Which means the companion stories do not progress for the other companions and you have almost no interaction with them except from the few times during the whole story where the whole crew gathers around the holo thing in the ship.

I wonder if the companions should simply be intergrated better into the class story, so one's interaction with them becomes less dependent on their affection towards you.

Anyway, how did you feel about each of your companions once you finished whatever class story? Did you know all them or where some of them just random strangers?