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If you want to do something cool with carbonite, make a mission out of it. Allow a character to defeat an enemy and store him in carbonite on the ship. Maybe even allow you to seal someone you beat in a duel in carbonite and keep the mold or something, if you really want to push it. But what that video showed looked like complete, gimmicky nonsense. Put some actual thought into your gimmicks so they don't feel shoehorned into the experience in a way that compromises the integrity of the game and the people who want to feel like they're experiencing something great.
Already some better ideas for the implementation of cash-stop items from the players than the ones we are seeing in the videos. Adding a carbonite "trophy" in your ship of someone you defeated in a duel is a good idea - as is making it a trophy from a defeated boss - and keeps immersion in check.

For the Sith Meditation Throne, instead of making it a mount it would be better as something you buy for your ship where if you sit in it, you receive buffs that persist through death - which would make perfect sense for what it is, and be ideal for Warzones or even Flashpoints.

Just my opinion.