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Their DPS is more than sufficient to fight with any class I have played in PVP. Assassins now can take me out in 3 hits, and operatives DPS has always been high enough to kill me faster than I can kill them.
Umm, with all the qqing almost missed this. You are not getting killed in 3 globals while wearing pvp gear. I know I have done it to pve heros, nearly two shotted a dude a couple weeks ago, but never, never to people with appropriate gear. Absolute best case with all cooldowns ready to go and the luck of two crits, is 5 globals on a toon with 1000exp and around 20k HP. And that's assuming no healing, external or internal, and no medpacs or adrenals or defensive cooldowns are used. ( this is for a dps specced Assasin btw, tanksins despite the nerf crowds qq take far longer)
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