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I would suggest trying a tank role, because when I first started the game I had no interest in it, and just thought I'd go easy DPS. I played some of the beta as an inquisitor, and I knew the light armor is annoying. So I decided when the game went to live to make my assassin defense-specced , just for survivability. Then when the team was desperate in my first boarding party, I decided to tank. I love it.

Then I eventually started a guardian (who is now my main) and guess what role he is? A tank. Eventually I made a DPS operative, and I always seemed to do enough damage to pull Agro. And now I have a vanguard I plan to respec to tank at level 30.

There's just something fun about looking the boss in the eye, while your DPS chips away it's health.
Ooh! In WildStar, I get double jumps, path choices, and massive PvP!That sounds cool, but one question, where do I get a lightsaber?

I will never take someone who says "EAware" seriously.