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Alright, I'm going to start off by saying that the stealth ac's in this game are not overpowered. I'm sure you won't take me seriously as you can see in my signature I have both of those classes, but you will also notice that I have a mercenary. He is my main, and I've had him since early access. At the start of the game, stealth classes absolutely destroyed me in pvp, but one of the problems was that I was clicking. I've since moved on from that, and I now have everything keybound. And if you don't have your moves keybound, that's your first disadvantage.
You had mentioned that you didn't want to play a stealth class because you hate them. Well I can tell you now, at least leveling one is going to help you tremendously. If you can learn their play style, identify their abilities and their spec, you WILL do better against them.
The last recommendation I can give you is stealth scan. At first, I hardly used this ability, I never even bothered to bind it. But after watching some youtube videos of mercs/pt using it effectively, I've learned that it is absolutely deadly against stealth classes when used effectively. The best way to get good with it is to keybind it to a key you can hit very quickly, and then abuse your power. I have it bound to one of the extra buttons I'm fortunate to have on my mouse, and as soon as the stealther pops his vanish or walks to close that I can see him, I throw it down immediately. And I can tell you from experience of playing my sin and op, you have a bug advantage if you can get them out of stealth before they open on you or try to get away. Also, dot 'em up.
Anyways, I feel like I've been going on and on, and I'm on my phone so typing this is a pain, but I hope I've been able to help.
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