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Their DPS is more than sufficient to fight with any class I have played in PVP. Assassins now can take me out in 3 hits, and operatives DPS has always been high enough to kill me faster than I can kill them.
Are you serious? Concealment ops do nothing but tickle me on my vanguard tank. What lvl is our tank? How is your tank geared? What build is your tank? Same questions apply to your sage. Mine is a hybrid seer/tele. I pop the self heal immediatly after they KD me, which btw they way they are blinded at that point. I reapply bubble, slow the op, KB the op,mind crush the op. proceed to toss rocks at it untill it vanishes again. if it hits me again it's just blinded again, rinse and repeat. Sounds like you just need to adjust your tactics, do not run away from them. Running is death for certain. Both an assassin and an OP can and will catch you.



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