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the have what 4? 2 of which can only be used from steath and one of those is out of combat only. I really dont see the problem unless you waste your cc break on the first cc.
Sleep Dart (OOF 8 second mez)
Flash Bang (8 second AOE mez 1min cd)
Dirty Kick (4 second stun 30 sec cd speced)
Shoot first (1.5 second stun talented tied to stealth opener)

CC is all an op/scoundrel has after their initial burst since once again their sustained damage is so bad. If anything they still need a buff. It sounds like you're trying to run away after they half kill you in stunlock. Don't. You're giving them time to get the sort of bursty part of their rotation of cd. Just get up from the stun and hit them back, the fight really is balanced around you haveing 50% life while they have 100%, you'll still win as often as not unless they outplay you.