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Hey folks, I am trying to gear up in PvP and I can tell you, I quit, Bioware gives out dps medals like crazy, here I am getting pounded stunned to death (oh we know that Bioware fixed that B.S. and generally getting targetted first and most) I am in a group which is trying to take a node and I am healing like crazy keeping people up and managing to keep the fight going to try and win it. We lose due to GEAR (yes fan boys and girls that is what wins in PvP, I know because I have a dps toon who has War Hero and she gets a ton of medals), I heal for over 280k and I get two medals for all of my aggravation with unfixed stun lock, no gear check or tiered War Zones so this is my response. Bioware must not want people to heal in PvP unless they were in the initial stuff and they already got all of their gear, so no healers should be going into PvP unless they have WH because either Bioware hates us or they can't figure out a way (although most games have and do) to reward the effort so we can get gear as fast as the dps or defending classes.

Example I was running with a Juggernaut and for putting his shield on me (which is really hard work) he got better than three times the number of medals than I got healing my tail off. That is just one example of the crap that healers are having to put up with, it takes 300k in heals to get 3 medals, when my dps classes get 300k in dps they have 12 or more. It takes healers to win, and I get lost of votes but very few medals, so until it is fixed, I think I will sit it out on the sidelines and so are a bunch of others with healers who are not in WH.

Oh and fan boys that means less dps and more deaths for you, so if you decide to flame please post up your toon names because they are going to die a lot. You then can have the fun I have been having although you will get more medals for it.
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