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1. Our game is awesome. People love it and want to play it.

If EA were happy with that statement and with the numbers many months wouldn't be spent on the F2P conversion.

2. The subscription requirement was driving away huge numbers of people who do not want to commit to paying monthly.
How does this statement address that more than 2 million bought the box and knew when they bought it that a subscription was required? Please elaborate.

3. The frequency of our Game Updates was way too slow. People were leaving because we were not releasing new content fast enough to keep up with the pace at which it was being consumed.
Agreed, yet this is nothing new in an MMO. However, please never forget the "no worries, we have 1600 hours of story" remarks which EA/BioWare Division announced repeatedly before the game released.

... and we are dedicated to getting Game Updates out to you every 6 weeks or so. ...
Just curious: When did "every 6 weeks" get changed to "every 6 weeks or so?"

Topic #1: Staff: Why are some developers leaving The Old Republic™? How will the game be affected?

Reading this got me thinking how many times before I received CS responses in a few hours; however, my latest ticket wasn't acknowledged for 2 weeks; the announced pace of game updates has gone from every 4 weeks to "every 6 weeks or so." With those in mind, I'm a bit puzzled as to how reducing the number of staff has helped this game thrive.

Topic #2: Bugs: How does testing work? Why do bugs get through? Why did Game Update 1.4 have so many of them? What are we doing to improve the process?

When will there be a character copy to the test server so testing will be more thorough?

Topic #3: Oceanic populations. Are we doing anything about them?

Thanks for acknowledging there is at least an issue there.

... Please keep your comments and questions coming and I will try to answer the biggest, unresolved questions in these “State-of-the-Game” posts ...

Biggest. Unresolved. By post count since before game launch and with the same questions since then to now still being unanswered, this question seems to fit both criteria: What changes to the current use of spaceships/space flight are coming, and when?

Thanks for the feedback and the chance to reply to it.
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