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I did a Story Mode via Group Finder once and quit after the sevenths wipe on towers before first boss in EV, from that moment on I never do any SM OPS without at least 5-6 players that I know from guild or other places. As everyone in guild needs to run it we normally do it twice every week so everyone can get the coms on mains and main alts. Pugging Operations can work sometimes, but it normally costs more then it pays off.
I remember my second or third time of doing EV, just after the first lot of "dogs" before gharg there's a small cliff thing that has a lava pool at the bottom with a lot more dogs down there. The person in front decides to go down there and the rest of the group immediately follows him like sheep leaving 5-6 of the group stuck down there and either dying from the lava damage or the dogs.

After half the group rage quits and whoever was down there to get back up I was made leader and decided to requeue from gharg only for the other three left in the group to rush onto gharg to try to take him on themselves...

After a massive facepalm I then quit.
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Thats no moon... thats a CARTEL COIN!