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11.10.2012 , 02:35 PM | #21
I'm having same issue. I run:

GTX680 with 4gigs of DDR5 on board RAM for my primary card. I use a GTX660 as a second card to offload PhysX processing onto those Cuda cores, 8gig's of low latency RAM across 2 DIMM's, a Core i7 3.6Ghz, Gaming at 2560x1600, all settings maxed. Driver version is 306.97.

I tested SWTOR on both a traditional HDD (defragged) and when I was hit with some serious stuttering. So:

1) I lowered settings to almost nothing. Still stuttered. I noticed hard drive access triggering WAY more than it should. So..
2) I put the entire install onto a 128GB Corsair SSD (Sata 3). I use another one of these to run the OS.. this one is dedicated for the games that will benefit the most from it.. or that need it. Still stuttering at max settings.
3) I lower all graphics to the bare minimum. The major stuttering was gone but the micro stuttering was still there.

This machine should be able to handle several instances of SWTOR at the same time. I did put in a support ticket but apparently deleted the response during a phone transition. Anyone have a solution?