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In the first Kotor game, there is a argument between Carth and Canderous about if the Mandalorians conquered the Republic would they have been able to hold it. Canderous says "Maybe. We'll never know." He seems to imply they would have tried.

Revan only delayed the Sith Empire after he accelerated it's return. If his goal was to strengthen the Republic by going to war he not only failed, he failed monumentally. The Republic and Jedi were left in ruins because of his actions. Much worse than they would have been if the Mandalorian Wars had gone on longer. That's why he only managed to clean up his own mess in Kotor 1 and Revan, the novel. And that's why he wrong to go to war. By the time Malachor V rolled around, Revan was already fallen to the darkside. It's why he activated the Mass Shadow Generator in the first place. He had methods to turn Jedi to the darkside to serve him, but the Mass Shadow Generator wasn't it. Every Jedi except the Exile was killed at Malachor V. That was the whole point of why she was special and why Kreia was obsessed with her.

The problem with Revan's motive is that after Kotor, both games that came after retconned them so his story is disjointed because it kept changing.

In essence it's:
Kotor 1 motives: Conquer the Republic for power.
Kotor 2 motives: Conquer the Republic to make it stronger under his rule (and power).
Tor motives: Mind controlled to attacked the Republic by the Emperor and he then broke free to did it for himself.

I think Kotor 2 was inferior to most Star Wars stories, for exactly the reason that it isn't good vs evil. Star Wars supposed to be a story about good and evil, by taking that away it basically turned the story into something else. Which wouldn't be a problem if this wasn't supposed to be a Star Wars story.

Nor do I think that Kreia's questioning the rules of Star Wars "worked" at all. All she did says follow you saying things that were either lies, wrong or insane. Nothing she said at all was wise or legitimately profound and I could pretty much safely ignore everything she told me. She was just annoying and useless. In fact I guess she was less than useless since she was the main villain and actively working against you. I came away from every final battle with her in my Kotor 2 playthroughs, happy I was finally rid of her insane ramblings. The fact that the game seemed to insist she was right made it all the more absurd and infuriating. The game seems to tell you she wins in the end because you gave her what she wanted but that makes no sense if I felt like I was ready to forget I ever met her.

She's basically a character that almost resents the fact that she's in a Star Wars story. Right up to the insane notion of hating the force. I knew everything she says was wrong instantly because it was either A) Something that didn't fit with Star Wars or B) Obviously morally unacceptable for non Sith anyway.

And getting back to Revan, it's her bizarre romanticizing of his actions that is my problem. He wasn't a hero to turn to the darkside, he wasn't making a noble sacrifice to conquer the Republic, even to prepare it for the Sith. What he did was villainous, even if he had a noble goal. His actions weren't necessary or heroic. He's just a smarter and more powerful Bengel Morr. He also wanted to destroy the Sith, but wanted to purge the Jedi to do it. A villain with a semi-sympathetic objective is still a villain. The fact that she essentially seems to try to excuse his actions makes me even more dismissive of both of them.