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And I'm not just talking about warzones either. I mean, in general. It is TERRIBLE. For example. I was out questing last night on Voss. Because it was Friday night, there were a lot of people on the planet and there seemed to be a lot of activity going on. As a result, I encountered a lot of imps roaming around for the specific purpose of killing reps. I think I died about three times in the span of about 10 minutes. And you know what? It was GREAT! That's why I play on a PvP server, to have encounters just like this.

So, I'm definitely not complaining about that. What put me in a foul mood was the Republic players' response:

Me: Lots of imps tonight ganking away. Anyone wanna team up to get them?


I ask again maybe 20 minutes later. Same response - silence. Imps just ganking away, killing every rep they see on sight. No Republic players respond, no Republic player answers calls for help. No Republic player even bothers to fight back. It was 100% embarrassing.

If I was an imp player I'd be disappointed that no one from the other faction was putting up a fight. The one response I finally got back on the general chat was, "Ah, they're just 8 yr olds. It's Friday and they get to be up late." Or some crap like that.

Very serious question here. Why play on a PvP server if this is the kind of attitude you have? I could fully understand if this was a PvE server where you specifically play to enjoy the game at your own pace. But on a PvP server, there is a high chance you will encounter players from the opposing faction, even though BioWare has gone out of their way to separate the factions as much as possible.

When someone from my guild asked in guild chat if anyone wanted to form a team for PvP, I was elated. I screamed, "YES!!!" I said I was already on Voss and ready to go. My guildie then said, "Oh. No not that. I mean warzones." I was thoroughly dejected.

So the only time Republic bothers to PvP is when it is getting heinously violated in warzones? Warzones are little more than the empire's way of collecting free valor.

I knew this would happen before launch, when I browsed the forums and saw nearly every imperial guild recruiting for PvP, and the overwhelming majority of Republic guilds recruiting for RP. I was concerned and even made a thread about it way back in 2008 and again in 2009.

This ineptitude in PvP absolutely contributes to population imbalances. New players that might be interested in the PvP side roll Republic, get rolled themselves by imps, then reroll altogether to the other side. I'm really close to do doing that because playing Republic is extremely frustrating.
I hear you man...

Just a short story about when I got the datacrons on tatooine (the balloon ones). I was logged out with my JKG nearby, was playing other alts and checking every now and then if someone was coming on the balloon so I'd duel them and jump up.

Here I see this lvl 50 sniper jumping on top off the thing, move close to the ledge to snipe me... BOOM jump, BOOM push. The poor guy. A fine day for the republic it was.
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