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An Unknown Number of Years Ago. . .

"Master, just hear me out. The Jedi could do so much more if we spent less time meditating, and more time healing, or beating the Sith," Arthen Cole explained. "We are wasting far too much time trying to find 'balance'."

"Patience is a virtue, Arthen," a male Miraluka replied, "you would do well to remember. If we rush into senseless slaughter, we would be no better than the Sith."

"'Senseless' implies there is no point to fighting, when defeating the Sith has a point all by itself! The Sith seek only to dominate, to destroy. There's no reason not to wipe them out, Master," Arthen vigorously pressed on.

"But if we merely destroy first and ask questions later, what would separate us from them, padawan," the Miraluka shot back. "Why destroy all of them when we have the opportunity to redeem them and bring them to our side? How do we do that? We prove that our values are better than theirs."

"The Sith have proven countless times they care naught for our values! Our codes are irreconcilable, and Sith do not care for redemption," Arthen argued.

"Not all Sith are your everyday typical Sith," the elder Jedi retorted. "It is never fair to pass such judgment to each and every Sith, and even so, we must not falter and stoop down to their level. Doing so would defile every principle of our code more so than pacifism."

"So, we continue to let them murder and torture, just because a few aren't rotten apples? That's madness, Master," Arthen angrily blurted out. "I've been a part of them, and I promise you, there are very, very few worth saving, if at all. If the defilement of a restrictive, out-dated, ineffective code and a few good apples is the price for the removal of the Sith, that is a low price, Master."

"You are avoiding my question, Arthen," the Miraluka growled. "Say you are on the Jedi Council and directed the war effort of our order, we fight the war your way, and indiscriminately kill every Sith and Imperial we find; men, women, and children. That is exactly how the Sith fight this war, young Padawan. Now, I will ask again, what makes your approach more virtuous than theirs?"

"You assume that I want the Imperials dead as well? I care naught for their destruction, only the Sith. In answer to your hypothetical question, Master, our approach is different for this reason: We aren't doing for ourselves. We are fighting for the Republic, for civilization, for justice. The Sith fight only for themselves and their power," Arthen pushed.

"Do not get me wrong, my apprentice, I wish to bring the Sith to justice as well." The Miraluka sighed, "but we must be reasonable. Anger and hatred will only expedite your path to the Dark Side. Genocide is what they seek. We will not sink to the levels of the Sith to bring them to justice when there are more honorable ways to emerge victorious."

"Master Xon, honor is a word that doesn't exist for the Sith. They cannot grasp its meaning," the Mirialan heatedly exchanged. "but it appears that my words fall on unwilling ears. The Council will not listen to I, my colleagues misunderstand me, and my own master disregards my intentions. Good day, Master." Arthen turned, his footsteps quickly carrying him from his master's room.

"Good day, my apprentice. The Force will be with you, always," Xon answered with a hint of disappointment in his voice.

Coruscant, Present Day

Although it has been some time since Arthen Cole has left the Jedi, Jedi Master Xon Rainor has vivid memories of his padawan's final days in the Jedi Order. While he does not regret defending the order's code and convictions, Xon has viewed that day as one of the worst in his life, as Arthen was more than a mere padawan to him. Arthen...why didn't you listen? I believed in you, though you had all the wrong convictions. How things would have been different..., Xon lamented. The Miraluka, now no younger than fifty, has not taken a padawan for quite some time after the incident with Arthen. Xon sighed as he proceeded into a high-security blast door, flanked by two Coruscant Security operatives. The three halted as they entered a checkpoint.

"I need your name, sir," the Security Officer said sleepily, purple circles under his eyes.

"Jedi Master Xon Rainor," the Miraluka nodded as he handed the guard his credentials. "I am here by the will of the Jedi Council to examine the plunder, as they put it."

"Oh, you're that Jedi they sent to look at the dang thing. Officer Weil, Master Jedi," the security guard offered his hand. "Sorry for the sloppy introduction. Things have gone absolutely insane around here since that artifact showed up. Doesn't help that my bosses won't tell us anything about it. They seem almost wary of it, if not downright terrified."

Xon shook Weil's hand, "So it seems. Coruscant Security does indeed live up to its reputation. Even with what little information we have, the Jedi has been excited about this Artifact. What else can you tell me about this artifact?"

"Someone wants it bad enough to pay 300k creds for it? Other than that, it's got some weird symbols on it, and it's a box," Weil answered. "Listen, I haven't been cleared enough to know what it is, let alone what it does. My orders are just to get you to that stupid thing so you can examine it."

Perhaps it is a holocron? Certainly would peak the Council's interest. Xon pondered. "Very well. Unless one of your supervisors wants to talk to me, lead the way."

Weil quickly led him to the where the safe that held the holocron was, and deactivated the security guarding it so that Xon could move to take a closer look. The Jedi Master promptly took out the holocron; an ornate silvery device in a cubical shape; nearly larger than the Jedi Master's right hand. Xon paid close attention to the runes etched onto the holocron, and copied them down onto a sleek piece of Flimsiplast, so he can study them in the Jedi Archives at a later time. Once finished, he examined the holocron for any unlocking mechanisms. Finding none, he set the holocron on a flat surface. Xon took in Force energy with his right hand and waved his hand in a prying motion. To his surprise, the holocron did not budge. The decorated Jedi tried pushing and throwing the holocron with the Force, but still nothing would activate it.

"This is no ordinary holocron," the Jedi gasped profoundly. "Not many are like it at all!"

"Even the Jedi doesn't know anything about it? Ok, this thing officially creeps me out," Weil sputtered. "I'm going to lock this thing up, and then I'm going to file for a transfer to another part of the city. This is not worth the pay."

Xon, still in some shock, passed the holocron back to Weil. "I presume I cannot capture the holocron in a holophoto? The Council will certainly want to at least see what it looks like."

"Sorry, Master Jedi. No can do."

"Not a problem, then. I will report my findings to the Council." The Jedi Master nodded as he pocketed the Flimsiplast with the holocron's runes. "I hope everything works out for you in the long run," the Jedi said with an empathetic tone as he started out the room.

"Yeah, I kinda hope to live through all this," Weil muttered, "Security will escort you out, Master Jedi."

Xon merely waved a hand in acknowledgement as he left the compound under the watchful eye of two other security officers.