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FYI, jugg smashes actually hit harder than marauder does because of their talents that give 6% more force damage, 6% more str, and the fact that they can sunder targets, reducing their damage reduction.

I have been completely min/maxed for a while on my marauder. Typical smash is 4.8-6.5k, average being about 5.4k. This is with the most power/surge/expertise possible. The highest I have hit is 8.5k, on a fully PvE geared sorc. Granted, this was without bloodthirst.

The only way to obtain a smash (or possibly scream) this high is by having Bloodthirst, expertise adrenal, full sunders on target, assassin debuff on target that makes them take 10% extra damage, and the player being naked.

In other words, it would never happen in a real PvP situation, and the OP rigged this with a friend on the opposing side. That or someone was just playing naked and the OP did all of the above to see how hard he can hit.

I think people have it in their heads that every smash jugg / mara goes around getting 7-8k crits non stop on everyone. This is very far from the truth. I am lucky if I get a 7.5k smash in a game, and that will be on either a full recruit or PvE geared player, and it has to be a squishy, like a sorc or dps assassin with no defensive cooldowns up. Even hitting 8k is extremely rare - we are talking once a month maybe I'll find someone sqiushy enough to hit that hard.

Don't believe me? Go watch my stream videos:

You'll start to see that while Rage is good, maybe just slightly overtuned, it is not godmode or instant 8k crits all night long. Far from it.
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