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Chapter 5:
Slogging Through the Swamps

Jorgan was thankful for his new helmet now more than ever. Taris stank–stank bad–and the helmet at least filtered out some of it. Prudii didn’t seem to be affected, but he’d been quiet since they’d met Sergeant Dorne.

“So what do you think of Dorne?” he asked.

“Trying not to,” Prudii replied.

Jorgan grinned under his helmet. Bingo. “Pretty girl,” Jorgan said. “For a human.”

Prudii tilted his head. “I prefer women of my own species.”

“When was the last time you saw another Zabrak?” Jorgan asked. “Come on, you can’t be picky in the army.”

“Odds are we’ll never see her again after we leave Taris,” Prudii said. “I don’t want to get involved.”

“Like you didn’t 'get involved' with Jaxo?” Jorgan asked sarcastically.

Prudii nodded, deadpan. “Exactly.”

So that was what was bothering him. Jorgan guessed he wasn't one for short-term relationships, which was exactly what his fling with Jaxo had been.

Out of nowhere leapt three rakghouls, poisoned claws extending. Jorgan fired three times into one’s brain, then whirled and knocked another against the head. Prudii had the third down, and quickly executed it with a blast to the head.

“Third attack in five minutes,” Prudii said. “Stay alert.”

Jorgan nodded, deciding to drop the subject of Dorne, for now. He knew Prudii would open up when he wanted.

They found the location of the final missing recon squad, and it didn’t look pretty. Jorgan frowned and saw a strange purple wave cross his visor.

“Stealthed enemy!” he said.

He and Prudii swept the area with fire. Several pirates uncloaked and opened fire on them, but their armor absorbed the shots. They quickly killed the rest of the pirates.

While Prudii contacted Dorne so she could triangulate the coordinates of Needles’ base, Jorgan swept the area for more pirates. He kept his rifle up, in case rakghouls leapt from the shadows again.

“Got it,” Prudii said. “Come on.”

He’d already shut down his holocommunicator. Jorgan nodded and followed, but kept his rifle out to keep safe from any more raks.