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Also, make sure you know your class very well. A bad VG isn't going to get his group killed by not getting threat or dying too quickly, but he'll bottom out his ammo and sit there barely dealing damage and generating half of the threat he should be for the remainder of the fight. A bad Shadow isn't going to likely lose threat (unless massively overgeared; Slow Time takes care of most of that), but she *will* fall over and die way faster than she has any right to (debuffs, self heals, self buffs, and CDs are all major components of their survivability which are relied upon extensively; if you don't utilize them properly, you gonna die). A bad Guardian is going to have a hell of a problem keeping aggro because he's going to have all kinds of problems managing his resources; if you can't manage your resources, you can't really attack, which kinda renders your roles as a tank almost completely redundant since your effectiveness is predicated upon actually being attacked.

this is tanking wisdom right here, dropping some knowledge on your....
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