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I think a regular state of the game is a massive step in the right direction when it comes to community communication, having said that four words nearly made me choke on my coffee:

"Our game is awesome"

Really? It's awesome? Not just "okay" or "passable when compared to most other mmos out there at the moment"? One of several things at play here, either a high level of self-denial, lashings of arrogance or simply a blind refusal to take your own observations "off the rails" and see the game for what it really is.

Your game is okay, that's about it. It could be awesome, it has massive potential to be awesome, but the restrictive gameplay (everything is on rails), the lack of immersion (mini games, other activities to do besides questing) and the below-par response to bugs all keep this game from being anything more than "okay".

Do you really think that everyone left because they couldn't pay the 15 dollars? They left because they didn't WANT to pay the 15 dollars, your game in it's current state is not worth their 15 dollars in it's current form. Yes, F2P might bring some of them back, we'll certainly see a bit of growth, but the fact remains that your game sways between being quite an "okay" timesink for people to not being worth other people's money or dare I say it, time.

F2P will not fix what is wrong with this game. How about you go over your old archives for the Beta forums? Take a look at the posts, the reported bugs (some of which are still in game today) and start listening to the feedback of the fans who are WILLING this game to succeed, despite the continuing refusal of BW to man up and actually face some of the issues it has.
I agree with a lot of this. i'm assuming you are also a mmo veteran. I think they should be asking the people who know what makes a fun mmo, the people who leveled to 50, the people who want this game to succede for help on improving the game. We have stated what we want and we know that it will take time, but we at least need to see some effort being done. Bioware we know you are trying but try reading more of the "Suggestion Box" and take some of the ideas, there are some very good ones in there! I still have faith, I waited since the game was first announced years ago for its release, and I will stand by you to the end!
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