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From what I have read, Michael Arndt is a big star wars fan and will be writing the screenplay. This tells me he will somewhat stay within the realm of both EU and the movies. It isn’t very hard to stay within both realms if you have a good writer. Many here have said Disney wouldn’t care to alienate fans if they decided to change up but I disagree not only for the fans but what of the authors of the EU?

For example, the clone wars Mandalorian plot, which I thought was terrible, changed the way we all read of what the mandalorians were and how they lived. This alienated author Karen Traviss who I think is a very good writer for both the Mandalore and the 501’st military clone wars series. She also wrote the first The Clone wars movie but now she will no longer work with Star Wars because of those three poorly written episodes. She mentioned this in a published interview and an email to me. If they decided to change up a big portion of EU they can lose other very good authors. In 2013, a new 9 book series will be coming out with the beginning of Crucible by Troy Denning. There is much to be lost if they did. And before people say even if they lost all those authors, there are 100 more authors who could take their place, all I would say is, if you read Star wars history or other books and movies you realize good writing is hard to find.

With this, it would not be very hard to stay in line. You wouldn’t even need to bring EU characters on the screen but merely their mention. Such as Obi-wan did when he mentioned General Vos in ROTS.

Leia.. hey luke where is mara?
Luke.. she is out on a mission.

There EU catastrophe averted and kept in line. A good writer should do this without much effort.
The clone wars cartoons on the other hand have been deteriorating in storyline. I mean how many same wars for different planets with the same two people can you have? And the ratings have been proof with the 1st season hitting 4million while last season couldn’t hit 2 million. That’s bad writing.

I do not mind minor changes but not big changes. And yes the fans do matter. People can watch the movies but I watched all the movies a few times at the theater… I bought their clone wars figures/galactic heroes/jedi force figures, their hardcover books, and played SWtor loyally and have already starting getting my two young boys into Star wars. Its about the overall money, not just the movies.
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