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I know I'm being cynical here but.... it's not going to happen. Why would they spend more time and effort working on it when they already have what people want - on the cartel vendors. Where they can gain income.

It doesn't matter that we've been playing since beta, or that we continue to pay for subscriptions. They're moving to a "free play", or more accurately "pay as you go" model. All serious development efforts will be geared towards that, as that is where the money will be coming from, not from subscriptions.

You can talk about "loyalty" to subscribers all you want, but it's not the actual people who work on the game who are making the decisions. The designers, programmers and artists probably do feel loyal to those who've been playing since the beginning, but they aren't making the decisions. Upper management and accountants are, and they will direct efforts in pursuit of the greatest profit. If that was coming from subscriptions they wouldn't be changing the game model.

Look at the number of minor bug fixes that are being ignored. For example, companions running around with lit lightsabers when the thing is hanging at their side. That is a very easy fix, but we haven't seen it yet. Putting someone on it would eat up time and resources that are better devoted towards making 1.5 work, and hence generating profits.

I hate the hoods too, but the toggle is not going to happen. It would require the artists and modelers to make a second copy of every robe in the game, and then adding conditionals to make it the switch when you click the toggle, adjustments to the user interface, etc. That's a lot of resources being used for something that is easier to accomplish by adding a few new items to the cartel vendors instead, items which will generate income for them when non-subscribers find that the old models all have the hoods up.
They really aren't making the game F2P or "pay as you go" with that being the intent of that being the main direction for the game to be heading. Bioware/EA still want people to subscribe more than buy crap on the cash shop. If (even though I doubt this will ever happen) this game got back to the amount of Subs it had within the first month or two of release, they would kick F2P to the curb and go back to having Subscriptions. F2P is just a gimmick to get people to subscribe (and if they don't, milk money out of them).

On another note, my Sentinel had been wearing an Orange Aspiring Knight's Vest (despite me not liking the look of the piece that much) since I created him because of all the stupid mandatory hoods this game has. If I could wear a hood down version of any of the other robes, I would do so in a heartbeat.