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Is there any time frame on the stim usage "bug" fix? I would really like to make money again. Biochems have been getting ran over with the recent bugs. First the missions returning 1/2 matts and now the current bug. Yes I have reported it, and No I will not go into detail. I am just trying to figure out if there is going to be a timeline on this fix that is acceptable or is this going to be another one of those bugs that is going to be way down the list, and Basically make the people that I have been biochem's up to this point not want to be anymore. Stim sales on my server are at 1/7 of what they where. Possibly even worse. Leaving a bug like this loose is really Bad for the economy.

So whats the word guys you going to fix it or just let it continue to mess the Money making ability of biochems who are once again really gimped.

I don't see how you made money off them in the first place. Costs more credits than people are selling them for. Those Exotech Stems need to be made in to reusable anyway. The whole system in place now where you can't RE the Exotechs is a bunch of B.S. IMO. Personally I do not craft them nor do I use them because they can not be REed in to reusables. Bunch of garbage.
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