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I have always seen the Jedi as the true bad guys. Wanting us to push down our emotions all the time, basically turn us into droids with flesh.
They don't want "us" to suppress our emotions, they teach themselves to control their own emotions.

Surrendering to their emotions is a giant leap to the Dark Side.

The Sith is where it's at, embrace your emotions, they are what makes you human (or humanoid sentient species), what makes us strong in times of struggle.
Except you're forgetting one important thing.
The Dark Side of The Force.
No amount of good intention (and the road to hell is paved with them) does anything against its corruption. It will twist and destroy a good person, turning them into a monster whose only interest in themselves and their own success. Just like the Sith.

Mothers with children in danger can do extraordinary things because of emotion, like lift a car.
And inspire legendary comic book characters like the Incredible Hulk...

If those mothers were Jedi their children would die.
This is by far, the single most ridiculous thing I've read in the history of this site. Ever.

Actually they wouldn't even have been born cause Jedi aren't supposed to have children.
They can have children, and many have had children.
I'm not talking about those who have children in secret, post Ruusan Reformations, but those who are given permission.
Pre-Ruusan Reformations many Jedi had children and even got married, even to other Jedi.

Learn the lore before posting in ignorance.
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