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It's weird, because whenever I see Steelclaw, I'm thinking "We're so not going to be able to win this match."
With Domi, not so much the same thought process. Probably still lose as much though. xD
Thanks um.. I think? lol

I win about the same amount I think, whether I play Domi or Steel. I prob do play the scoundrel a bit better though but it's more my style really so that's probably why. I always wanted to lvl one all the time when I played Domi at 50 (I had a 50 operative on JJT so I was familiar with the class) I was just too lazy, finally got around to it at some point though and have barely played Domi since. Steelclaw is my baby. Smugglers get cooler armour than the troopers, my scoundrel looks so cute in that hat emirite?!

I don't really think I'm as much of a game changer as people think though, it's kinda nice that people think so well of me but... not so nice to have to deal with all the focus fire that comes with that.

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