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Just to say, the SI can't be pureblood. Because he was a slave and in no possible canon scenario could a sith pureblood become a slave, especially if force sensitive, as they are an elite race. So if it ever is canonized, he or she will be human (he he he, by SI is human )

And seeing as Ravage has entered the discussion, I'd like to see him as the next opponent for the SI (not for everyone, just the SI storyline). Like Thanaton he seems a bit backward in his ways, and is opposed to you taking a seat on the council, so there's going to be some rivalry their. Also being the head of Expansion and Diplomacy, he's going to play a bigger role now the Great Galatic War has restarted.

Karrid is also an interesting prospect. Notice that their have been no Faleen NPC's in SWTOR - so this would be interesting.
Oh yeah all force sensitive purebloods are held in high regard and raised like pedigree dogs I recall the rage when bioware said pureblood was not going to be an option for SI the amount of posts in that topic got them to relent.

I do recall that the writers said it does not make sense but they will add it since people requested it when they finally annouced it was going to be an option.

Personally I will be rather sad if human is canon cause as I said the SI story is more interesting if you are an alien since you get a lot more unique dialouge compared to human.